Over the Moon for Molly Moon’s

While in Seattle I ate delicious food— super fresh salmon, oysters, and overall an impressive assortment of seafood and local stuff to the Pacific Northwest. There was one place however, that brought me back to an era of love, comfort and summertime bliss.

That place was Molly Moon’s homemade ice cream. If my Heaven were to have a smell, it would be of warm, golden waffle cones and freshly churned ice cream. That’s the smell of Molly Moon’s.


Here are the waffle cones above, being freshly rolled onto plastic cones (that’s how they get their shape). The smell is DIVINE. 

Their flavors are creative but don’t try too hard. The seasonal flavors really expose how proud Pacific Northwesterner’s are of their local food and what their region has to offer. I tasted almost every flavor and my favorites were the earl grey and the raspberry lemon thyme (shown below). The earl grey is so delicately flavored that if a child were to take a lick they might think it vanilla. For a more refined palate, the earl grey is subtly floral and tastes more of cream in tea than a sweet vanilla. It was the perfect pairing for the seasonal raspberry lemon thyme. 


And not only are the quality of the ingredients and flavors incredibly unique, Molly Moon’s has a great look and feel. The logo is of a little Frenchie licking ice cream, and the inside of the store has a great flow and nice lighting. It’s a class act all around.


Someone was excited about his cone! Colin had the salted caramel (a little too salty for my taste) and the melted chocolate (super rich and a great contrast to all that salt). 


And do you remember that feeling? Finishing a huge three pound ice cream cone and needing a big tall glass of cold water? Well Molly Moon’s anticipates that stroll down memory lane with a free jug of water inside. 

Molly Moon’s gets it all right. Next time I’m coming back to try their toppings—maybe the balsamic strawberry ice cream topped with lemon curd and seasonal fruit compote.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer! 

Your MoodyFoody